Queue (BETA)
Music producers

Did you hear that? Yes.

Figure out what parts needs to be added, removed, and more when you review the podcast together.
Organize and share

Organize and share your audio files

Turn your messed up folders into organized folders available for your whole team

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Review your audio files together

Listen to your podcast together with your team or leave timestamped comments from anywhere in the world.

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Collaborate, review, and release faster

Get feedback on your next podcast episodes faster from your audio team.


Find out why thousands use Queue every day

"Once we started using Queue, we realized we were just moving a lot faster than before. Things got done faster. Revisions released faster. Just faster overall."
Benas yang
"Queues a godsend! ive been asking for something like this for such a long time now. we used to use dropbox a lot, but it was getting expensive and our clients kept sending us pages of word doc. but now they give quick feedback and it actually means something."
Milly Suarez
"It works! It works REALLY well. I love what you guys are doing and i hope you don't stop. I would love to see additional apps or maybe an app for iphone, but the mobile version is really good and none of my clients complained thus far."
Aden Rivas
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