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Queue (BETA)
Use Cases | Graphic Designers

Get feedback on your images

Let your team or client give you feedback directly on the image with drawings and more.


Get faster feedback

Getting feedback on your graphic design is really tough, so make it easy for others by letting them draw on your image and provide feedback.

Real time
Go over an image in real time with others to know what needs to be changed.
Drawing canvas
Use the canvas to draw on the video with multitude of shapes and images.
Version control

Intuitive version control

Let others compare your new designs to previous designs with an intuitive version control.

Version control
Create unlimited amounts of versions for a project so you can always back track to a previous design.
Use labels to know what stage you are in the project. From ready for review to finished.

Share with anyone securely

No back and forth email chains, messages, and confusion. Get faster feedback directly on your image.

Secured sharing
We take security very seriously and make sure your files ever leaked. You can take it a step further by password protecting every file.
Invite your teammates
Inviting your teammates on Queue is simple and fast. Just click invite and they'll get a notification on their Queue dashboard along with an email.

"We absolutely love Queue! Designing and getting feedback on my ui's are pretty hard when it's async and especially if through email. I love that we can draw on the image together to know what needs to be changed."

UIUX designer at Dribbble

"Found out about Queue from one of our alumni and couldn't be happier. They're super simple to use and we've been a proud user for months now."

University of South Florida
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