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Meet Queue!

Review video replays together

Review your game videos live with your team. Figure out strategies even faster.
it's really fast

World class video syncing

We're confident that you won't find a better video playback synchronization anywhere else in the world. 35ms latency.

draw on it

Draw on the video together

Sometimes you need a pen to draw out what you wanna show. Use the fully synchronized canvas overlay while watching your videos to give that precise feedback to your team.

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👉 We just released our desktop app!
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canvas overlay

Plugins for anything gaming

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Drawing tools

Draw anywhere on the video to show everyone what you're trying to say.

Shape tools

Use shapes to quickly mark up a part of the video or image. Because sometimes, your drawing skills aren't there.

Emoji reactions

Show your reactions to your teammates getting that nice headshot or dying to a flanker.

Map overlays

Drop in the map you're playing on and pin point where your team should coordinate the next push. Heroes and champions too!

Upload images

Got a game specific image you want to share, but Queue doesn't have it by default? Don't worry, you can upload your own.

Are You Ready?

Stop screen sharing on Discord

Screen sharing on Discord is so 2019. It's time for a better way to get VOD reviews done.

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