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Queue (BETA)

Secure and private by default

We take high priority to make sure your data and videos are 100% secure. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our organization and product development.

Security on

Internal Security

Data and video encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Your Queue password is hashed using bcrypt, and no one can access your account without your consent.

Stress tested security

Our projects pass thorough security-design reviews, threat models, and regular pen tests using trusted security vendors. We also employ a public bug bounty for continuous assessment.

Security led engineers

All engineers are required to complete security and privacy training. In addition, engineers must complete specialized security training before coding anything.

Building and testing your own product for security problems is sometimes not enough. Sometimes you need 3rd party experts to try to break into your system for a bounty, and that's why Queue actively supports and participates in bug bounty so we can squash them before you get them. Anyone and everyone is encouraged

How Queue protects your replays

We take extra precautions to make sure your groups and replays are as secure as possible from the start. Everything from SSL to privacy shield is there to protect your replays from ever being released to the public.

Hashed Urls

We hash every URL for your replays to make sure no one can guess your links.

Private Groups

If your group is private, no one outside your teammates will be able to view your replays.

Video and Data Encryption

Your videos are stored on a private server, encrypted and secured by Amazon Web Services.

Never shared with anyone

Your videos, comments, and anything else will never be shared with any other eSport teams. Ever.

Seriously, you're fine

We have security experts on the team that will find any vulnerability and notify us.

“If there's any security issues, i'm gonna probably find it. If i find it, we then fix it instantly. That's what i do. Break stuff and find vulnerabilities, all day.”

Head of Security

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