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Queue (BETA)
Screen Review: Share your screen with remote control and a collaborative canvas

Share your screen

Review in-game replays, pair program, and more with Screen Review
Share your screen in high quality and low-latency you're always in sync.
Remote control
Give control to the viewers so they can review your in game replay, pair program, and more.
Canvas drawing
Draw directly on the screen so you can portray your points even faster.

Share your screen

Share your screen with low latency and high definition so you can review things on your computer.

Extremely low latency lets you share your screen with 1080p resolution and always in sync.
30+ FPS
With high frames per second streaming, you won't experience lag while viewing or remote controlling.

Communicate visually

Drawing things is a magical way to show exactly what you mean. But it doesn't need to stop there. Use images and plugins to get your point across even faster.

Synchronized drawing
Draw directly on the screen with others so you can review what you need to faster.
Images and plugins
Upload images and use plugins to take your collaboration to the next level.
remote control

Control screen remotely

Sometimes you just need to take control and show what needs to be done. Use remote control to take control of the mouse and keyboard to get the job done even faster.

Remote mouse & keyboard
Control the keyboard and mouse remotely with others to type on the screen, move around the game, and much more.
Draw directly on the video
Use the canvas overlay to draw on the video with multitude of shapes and images to give better feedback.

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And start reviewing anything on your computer with others

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