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Queue (BETA)
Multimedia files: Review video, audio, and images in real time with a collaborative canvas

Playback synchronized

Control the playback of the video or audio in real time with others.

Real time
Everything on the page is real time with everyone else viewing it. From playback control to the drawing.
Low-latency synchronization
Sub 35ms synchronization with automatic resync capabilities makes sure everyone watching is always in sync.

Draw on the canvas

Draw directly on top of the video with a real time canvas overlay.

Draw directly
Draw directly on the screen with others so you can review what you need to faster.
Images and plugins
Add images, maps, heroes, and more so you can always be on the same page.
remote control

Time stamp comments

Leaving comments on videos using word documents and excel is the past. With Queue, you leave comments directly on the multimedia file.

Leave comments directly on the multimedia file with drawings and microsecond level timestamps.
Use the canvas overlay to draw on the video with multitude of shapes and images to give better feedback.

Organize and review like pros

Start reviewing any multimedia files like no other.

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