Getting feedback is hard. We make it easy.

Team up to get to final cuts faster. Queue removes all the bad parts of collaboration and gets everyone on the same page.

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Make your clients tell everyone they know about you.

After thousands of interviews on figuring out WHY a business gets intros to new clients, we learned that it's about the experience they get while working with you.

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Precision feedback that leaves no room for error

Remove email chains, bring in timestamped comments and empower your team to give precise feedback.

Timestamped comments for everything Comments with drawings, images and time code for your team and clients.

Approve work in 1 click: Approvals directly tied to your assets, so you know when work is done.

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Did they approve it? YES!

Bring clients to Queue so they can give feedback that wont give you headaches.

Equip clients with the right feedback tools: Share your work to clients on Queue and drive them to leave timestamped comments.

Say goodbye to email chains: Send automatic notifications to clients when you upload a new version so they can get reviewing instantly.

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Upload videos, images, and more

Turn your Gdrive and Dropbox file share into beautiful shareable links that makes your business look professional.

Charge more - Enhance your clients experience so they can justify paying more for your work.

No more jumping between software's - Keep your client on a single software from uploading to approval.