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Nothing is worse than your clients asking where their final project files are. That's no issues with Queue because we give them their own access to their files. And we never take them off or charge extra for them.

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Upload your files to the cloud

Lightening fast upload and download lets your team stay in sync. Upload any type of file and store them securely on the cloud.

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Upload requests

Send upload request links

Generate a link that allows anyone with it to upload files. The files will appear on your project folder for you to download or review.

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Why does everyone love Queue?

"Because it's easy as hell to use it and it makes sure my team + clients can review, approve, and pay for our work."

- Darrin Willis, Creative manager @ Craftic

"One thing i really like is the client portal letting my clients do essentially anything they want. that's huge for us"

- Skylar Lana, Founder @ Project Redesign

"we've been able to handle our contractors so much more easier with Queue."

- Wayland Kieron, Project Manager @ Rebeam