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Mark Close

Really easy. Srs.

It didn't take long to get feedback on my replay. The feedback was very helpful and easy to navigate. Will use again. Srs. - Gargashyzenite

Just released!

Review your VODs live

Live rooms

Live replays lets you view a VOD together with your friends. Everyone has control over the video player and sees the same thing happening in real time.

Gamer thoughts

What they say about queue

“It's seriously insane how much it helps to have a pro overwatch player watch and critique everything i do in my replays. This dude literally helped me get from GOLD to DIAMOND . 10/10 stuff.”

Diggles — Overwatch

“Uploading my replays to youtube wasn't really easy tbh. but queue is cool af cause it lets my friends comment with timestamps. I hope they keep improving this, cause this is gonna blow up.”

Toasterinie — Overwatch

“Thanks to raidspec786 we were quickly able to find out what I was doing wrong so now I know exactly what I need to improve on. Im up from Gold 5 to Plat 4 within 3weeks only from 4hours of coaching total. 10/10 services.”

Neroxz — Overwatch

“I really suck at OW. It's not the typical FPS game because positioning and how you rotate your ultimates really matter and stuff. So it was pretty cool how the guys here are able to screenshare and show me what to do in game.”

Rashidgargash — League of Legends

“I was stuck in Bronze for a very long time. So i got some private training from the mentors, and they kinda heped me get to gold pretty fast. Afterwards,i decided to hire one of them to play WITH me. Oh boy was that a good idea. 10/10.”

Rashid Gargash — League of Legends