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Go over replays so easily you'll be shocked

Review your replays live with your teammates. Everyone controls the video replay, drawing, and more. Everything you need in your finger tips.

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“Taking notes, preparing drawings, and then holding the review with the team on the same platform makes sure i can focus on my job, instead of juggling multiple third party apps.”

ioStux Former Head Coach of Uprising Academy & XL2 Academy

Review it offline, go over it online

Let your coach or teammates leave annotations over your replays so you can review them whenever you feel like it. All organized for your team in one safe and secure location.

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"This shit was pretty game changing for our team. So much that we're gonna sponsor queue for free.

Team coach of pro R6 Esport team

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"Been Using Queue to Review our scrims and its our secret against other OWL teams." - OWL team

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