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Collaborate & review videos in real time

Review your videos with anyone in real time with synchronized playback, game maps, drawings, and more.

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Built to be the fastest in the world

Everything you need to have the most effective video review session live or offline.

Upload and organize videos

Upload your video to Queue so your whole team or clients can review it.

timestamped annotations

Leave timestammped annotations on key parts of the video with drawings and more.

Draw, annotate, and more

Draw, annotate, and more with timestamps. Pinpoint the exact issues faster.

Review video live

Review your video live with your team or coach. It's all synced and real time for everyone.

Spectate in-game replays

Spectator lets you show your in-game replays to your whole team, live. Releasing December 2019

Team & client collaboration

Add your team to a highly secure place where collaborating on replays is easy, secured, and the best in the market.


Review videos so easily you'll be shocked

Review your videos live. Everyone controls the video replay, drawing, and more. Everything you need at your finger tips.

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“Taking notes, preparing drawings, and then holding the review with the team on the same platform makes sure i can focus on my job, instead of juggling multiple third party apps.”

Former Head Coach of Uprising Academy & XL2 Academy

Record your games automatically

Record your games automatically and upload it to Queue without clicking a button. Absolutely 0% CPU used and lightweight.


"Recording games was pretty hard with OBS, but now it's legit easy since it'll auto upload."

Team coach of pro R6 Esport team

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Data and video encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and protected by TLS in transit. Your Queue password is hashed using bcrypt, and no one can access your account without your consent.

Stress tested security

Our projects pass thorough security-design reviews, threat models, and regular pen tests using trusted security vendors. We also employ a public bug bounty for continuous assessment.

Password protected replays

Queue is super duper secure, but if you're extra parandoid, you can password protect all your replays and live rooms.

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"Been Using Queue to Review our scrims and its our secret against other OWL teams." - OWL team

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